Samsung ponders killing the Galaxy Tab 3 7 to make room for 8-inch model

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Sam Mobile, a regular purveyor of Samsung related rumors (and pretty reliable at it) claims today that a Korean insider has filled them in on Samsung plans for the next months.

According to the alleged leak, Sammy is considering dropping the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 that is supposed to come this quarter, in favor of an 8-inch device. The Koreans are waiting to see how the Galaxy Note 8 is received by customers before making a decision. The S Pen-equipped Note 8 will be revealed at MWC in Barcelona, next month.

Why would Samsung prefer the 8-inch model over the Galaxy Tab 3 7? The most apparent reason is the Apple iPad Mini. Samsung might be trying to offer an alternative to the reportedly popular 8-inch device from Apple. It wouldn’t be the first time the Koreans act to counteract Apple’s moves.

The report makes a turn for the odd when Sam Mobile mentions an entirely new tablet that Samsung is considering bringing to the market – the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus. Why would Samsung want to obfuscate its already complex tablet lineup with a new device, is anyone’s guess. Still, remember the just-released Galaxy S2 Plus? It wouldn’t be the first time Sammy brings questionable products to market.

For now, we (think we) know that all the upcoming tablets from Samsung will come with Wi-Fi and LTE versions. Head over to the source for a complete rundown of the codenames of these tablets, as leaked by Sam Mobile’s man in Korea.

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