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Android Tablets – Prices, Specs, and where to buy!

I have a hankering for tablets. I purchased a BenQ S6 many years ago and liked it so much that I started doing research on other tablets as well. During that time, I was testing out Android on my home computer, and found it to be fairly easy to use and visually much nicer than WinCE. I started this website when the number of Android apps worldwide crossed the 50,000 mark threshold, making it a nice alternative to the smartphone/mid (mobile internet device) operating systems out there. Now Android is a dominating force, as you can see, in the mobile space.

A lot has changed in the 7+ years since this website started, but one thing is for sure, Android is and always has been here to stay.

Since 2010, the number of tablets in the market has increased exponentially every year. The big players, like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Samsung, and LG, have all jumped on board and brought sub-par, good, and then great tablets to the masses. You can pick up a $50 tablet now that years ago wouldn’t have been able to do anything. You can walk into Walmart and find an e-reader that can browse the internet, play Netflix, and give you your Angry Birds fix in the “impulse buy” territory.

All have their strengths and weaknesses, and all are feature here, on Androidtablets.ca.