The promised Amazon Alexa update is coming to the Huawei Mate 9 today, but don’t get too excited just yet. Unfortunately, this particular Alexa is only going to work within one app. See also: Huawei Mate 9 & Porsche Design Mate 9 review December 20, 2016 The Huawei Mate 9 was unveiled all the way back in November, and in January, the Chinese company officially announced that the phablet would launch in the US for $599.99. But perhaps the biggest surprise of the announcement was Huawei’s partnership with Amazon to bring Alexa on board via a software update. The company simply stated that this feature would be available sometime in early 2017. Well, that time has come: Huawei will start pushing out an OTA software update to US-based Mate 9 users today which will include the highly-anticipated Alexa integration. But don’t get too excited just yet because unfortunately, it looks like this particular Alexa won’t work system-wide; instead, she will live only within the new Huawei Alexa app. This means that unlike Google Assistant, which can be summoned via a simple command on any screen, you will have to physically access Huawei’s new app to ask Alexa for help. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a voice assistant, don’t you think? This means that unlike Google Assistant, which can be summoned via a simple command on any screen, you will have to physically access Huawei’s new app to ask Alexa for help. To be fair, though, the app itself can’t be more straightforward. You simply tap the button and ask away. According to Huawei, these are some of the things Alexa can help you with: Get information by asking about famous people, dates, and places Find a restaurant, movie or local business Order from Amazon Prime Control connected […]

Samsung will soon announce the highly-anticipated Galaxy S8 and S8+. The two devices will officially be unveiled on March 29 in New York City. The company has big plans for its upcoming flagships and obviously wants to sell as many units as possible. According to a report from The Korea Times, pre-orders for the devices in South Korea will kick off on April 7 and end ten days later, April 17. Both smartphones will go on sale on April 21. In hopes of increasing the number of pre-orders in the country, Samsung will reportedly do things a bit differently this year. It will start shipping pre-orders to customers on April 18, which is three days before the devices officially go on sale. Although not confirmed, Samsung might opt for the same strategy in other markets as well, depending on how successful it will be in its home country. See also: Galaxy S8 and S8+ display size and production schedule discussed in new report 1 day ago To boost sales, Samsung has an additional marketing strategy in mind. The Investor reports that the company is considering offering customers who purchase either the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ the option of returning the device and getting a full refund after using it for up to three months, no question asked. That’s a very generous refund policy that goes beyond what Samsung and other phone makers typically offers. Reportedly, Samsung wants to show it has a lot of confidence in the quality of its products and a move like this would make sense, especially because of the Note 7 fiasco, which didn’t do the company’s reputation any good. It’s not clear for now whether Samsung plans to offer the three-month refund policy exclusively in South Korea or in other markets as well.

It’s been awhile since we last reviewed an Android tablet, especially ones that cross the $500 threshold. There’s a reason why the majority of Android tablets released in the last couple of years have been largely inexpensive ones, since consumers are finding it even more difficult than ever before to invest in high-spec’d Android tablets. And when you consider that dedicated tablets in general are a dying breed, it really makes you wonder more about their advantages. The best Android tablets Samsung Chromebook Pro review Samsung just recently announced its latest convertible-styled Chromebooks, which now offer support for full blown Android apps – opening a gate that was once closed to them, so it’s especially intriguing how things have turned out. Now that by itself should make anyone question Samsung’s decision to launch its new Galaxy Tab S3, which comes almost two years after its predecessor. In that time, we’ve seen a radical shift in how consumers perceive tablets. The Tab S3 is competing against other Windows 10 tablets and convertibles in the same price bracket, as well as these cheap Chromebooks and Apple’s iPad Pro tablets. So, do we really need another high-end Android tablet? Find out in our full Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review! Design Drawing inspiration from its own Galaxy smartphones, Samsung has predictably outfitted the Galaxy Tab S3 with glass surfaces on the front and back – with an all-metal frame sandwiching everything together. There’s no denying the premium aspect in play here, one that’s further accentuated by its svelte chassis and lightweight feel. All of this, of course, helps to justify its more premium price point. Since it’s glass, though, there’s a certain level of fragility with it, as well as being a magnet for smudges and fingerprints. When it’s clean, however, light bounces beautifully off its […]

Be sure to check out our Diving into Android O series for more coverage! The System UI Tuner in the Android O Developer Preview has introduced new ways to customize the navigation bar of your device. The navigation bar is the panel at the bottom of a number of Android handsets (not all: some use physical/capacitive buttons instead) that houses the Home, Return and Recent Apps buttons. In stock Android, these are currently represented by a triangle, a circle and a square but the Android O Developer Preview lets you add further buttons, up to a total of five, for a new range of functions. These extra symbols can be added to the left or right side of the pre-existing ones but you can’t remove any from the standard three-button setup. Among the buttons you can add are +, -, <, >, and ☰ symbols. What do each of them do? Well, that’s up to you to decide. By entering one of the Keycode numbers (the full list of which can be found here) the button will behave as you want it to. For example, if you would like to use a dedicated button specifically to end a call (hey, someone might), you can give it the Keycode “6”. You can also add a clipboard icon which is used for pasting content. Finally, you can squash the icons closer together and move them to the left or right side of the device. More than just an aesthetic preference, this could help users of larger devices operate their handsets one-handed. Note that you can’t change the order of the original buttons, however. These features are a work in progress and Google is unlikely going to have users enter Keycodes from its developer reference guide in the final version of Android Oh Henry! coming later this […]

Google has officially taken the wraps off Android O, and there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of new features and improvements to dig through. Most of them are neat under-the-hood changes that will make your Android device run smoother and last longer, but there are a few aesthetic changes too. A revamped settings menu and notification shade tweaks are present in this new update, and of course, Google also bundled a new stock wallpaper with this release, as well! The best Android wallpapers The best sources for Android wallpapers There’s only one new wallpaper in the Android O preview, but as always, more will likely be added as more developer previews are released. I’m really liking this wallpaper so far, and already have it loaded up on my phone. To download the full 1.7MB image, head to the MediaFire link below to grab the .zip file. Download the Android O stock wallpaper (.zip) So, who’s downloading?

Editor’s note: In this post, which will be updated regularly, we take a look at the most credible Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs, features, price rumors and reports. In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are coming very soon. That means we’re seeing more and more leaks and rumors every day, making it difficult to judge what’s real and what’s probably fake. In this latest batch of leaks, we’ve been able to see images and videos of both handsets out in the wild, as well as leaked details regarding the price, camera, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and more. Join us as we analyze the most likely Galaxy S8 specs and features. See also: Galaxy S8 or LG G6: which are you most looking forward to? 3 weeks ago Samsung Galaxy S8: release date It’s official: Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 and S8+ on Wednesday, March 29 in New York City. The event will begin at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. We obviously still don’t have any firm availability details as of yet, though rumors have been pointing to a release date some time in April, most likely April 21, according to Korea’s ET News. Reportedly, the Canadian release date is pegged for April 28. Samsung Galaxy S8: specs Schematics generated by CNET Korea based on eyewitness accounts ‘confirm’ a lot of what we’ve recently been hearing about the Galaxy S8. They also reinforce what we saw in the image leaked by Evan Blass above. The schematics put the finger scanner on the back of the device next to the camera lens and feature a USB Type-C port, 3.5mm headphone port and bottom firing speaker grill, just like the Galaxy S7. The schematics also reveal a new hardware button, presumably for calling up Bixby (more on that […]

Be sure to check out our Diving into Android O series for more coverage! The Android O Developer Preview was just made available this morning, and there are a ton of new features to dig through. From better battery life to adaptive icons, Google is stocking its newest version with new settings and features that will have enthusiasts incredibly excited. And while some hardware manufacturers are beginning to remove the headphone jack from their devices to make space for… courage, the newest edition of Android is giving devices even better Bluetooth audio with support for advanced codecs like LDAC and the AAudio API. If you weren’t aware, LDAC is a codec created by Sony which can transfer up to 990kbps of data compared to the 328kbps cap of the much more common SBC codec. The codec also has a frequency of 44.1 kHz, which is the same frequency as playing directly from a CD, a huge step forward for Bluetooth audio. Previously, the codec was only available on specified Sony products such as Xperia and Walkman devices, but the codec being baked into Android itself means you should be able to play back these high-res files on any compatible Bluetooth headphones, though manufacturers will likely need to pay a hefty licensing fee to play it back. See also: What’s the situation with Bluetooth audio? 2 weeks ago Another option that is likely set to be supported is Qualcomm’s aptX, a high quality streaming protocol which offers a much higher bitrate than more common options already on the market. While Google doesn’t directly reference this protocol in the update notes, it would make sense for this new protocol to come to a variety of devices which will most likely be running compatible Qualcomm chips. The AAudio API is a new native API from Google […]

While the Android 7.0 Nougat update was released to unlocked versions of the HTC One M9 back in December in the US, it appears that the OS upgrade is taking longer for people who bought the phone T-Mobile. Today, word got out that the Nougat update for the One M9 is now finally rolling out for people who bought and use the phone on T-Mobile. See also: Best T-Mobile Android phones 1 week ago The update, which was first reported by Android Police, shows that the version number for the T-Mobile HTC One M9 update is 4.27.531.6. As you might expect, the download file size is pretty high at 1.09GB so you will likely need a Wi-Fi connection to grab it. In addition to the Nougat update, the download also has the February 2017 Android security patches, along with some unnamed “system performance enhancements” for the phone. This appears to be the first carrier-based version of the One M9 in the US to get the Nougat update, and it goes to show that HTC definitely favors its unlocked smartphones when it comes to rolling out major OS upgrades. Hopefully this release on T-Mobile’s network means that the One M9 devices on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will also be rolling out their own Nougat updates in the very near future.

You may own an Android Wear smartwatch, but let’s face it; a lot of the watch faces that are available to download are not exactly fun to view on a daily basis. That’s not the case for a new third-party app that adds not just one, not just two, bit six watch faces with dinosaurs. Freaking dinosaurs! See also: Best Android Wear watches 2 weeks ago The app, from developer Fat Russell (the folks who are also behind numerous other fun watch faces), is called simply Dinosaur Watch Faces. Hey, at least you know what you are getting when you download this app. Once you install it on your Android Wear smartwatch, you can choose from watch faces that feature the ankylosaurus, the brontosaurus, the stegosaurus, the triceratops, the velociraptor and, of course, the tyrannosaurus rex. Seriously, what more could you possibly want from this kind of app? Well, if we were to quibble a bit, we would like to see more prehistoric creatures added in future versions of the Dinosaur Watch Faces app, but that’s about it. By the way, these will work with both circular and square watch displays. Will you be downloading these watch faces? Of course you are, but which one will be your default watch face and why? Let us know your pick in the comments. Get it at Google Play

Shopping online is pretty much the way to shop these days. Brick and mortar stores are fun, but at the end of the day, the ability to pick up your mobile device and search for stuff online is just infinitely more convenient. There are a ton of ways and apps you can use to shop for stuff on your mobile device. Here are the best shopping apps for Android. Here are some more tangentially related shopping apps for your viewing pleasure!   10 best Android browsers of 2017 January 3, 2017   10 best fashion apps for Android September 6, 2016 Amazon Price: Free / $99.99 per year / $10.99 per month DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY No shopping apps list would be complete without Amazon. It’s the proverbial mega-mall of the Internet and millions of people use it every year. You can find practically any kind of product you can think of and the addition of things like Amazon Pantry even let you shop for food and beverage items. They also have things like Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day where you can find stuff on the cheap if you keep up on it. It’s quick, simple, and easy to understand. You probably already have an account, you might as well use it. You can pay extra to get Amazon Prime which also adds some additional shopping features. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY CL Pro Price: Free DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY CL Pro is a Craigslist app. It allows you to surf Craigslist for things that other people are selling. You’ll have a bunch of options. For instance, you can add filters to narrow stuff down. You can also save searches for future reference if you need to. It also boasts an easy-to-use interface and a simpler experience with fewer […]

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