Samsung and Amazon benefit from tablet sales growth in Q3 Europe

Samsung and Amazon benefit from tablet sales growth in Q3 Europe

Sales of Samsung and Amazon tablet devices dominated the European market during the holidays. In their latest interim management statement for the December 2012 quarter, retailer Carphone Warehouse reported a 16% growth that is largely caused by a strong demand for the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. In fact, weekly sales of the devices reached 40,000 at its highest point, up from a measly 5,000 during the same period of the previous year.

Exceeding the expectations of market experts, CEO Roger Taylor of the largest independent mobile phone retailer in Europe said that they “have become an authority in the tablet market for the first time ever,” without compromising the company’s profits by doing so.

Other retailers in Europe reported a similar growth in tablet sales. Dixons Retail sold five tablet devices per second during the week before Christmas, with only a third of sales comprised by the Apple iPad. Likewise, retailer Argos indicated a rise in sales of mobile devices during the same period.

By bundling tablets with their flagship Galaxy smartphones, Samsung certainly has attracted customers and drawn their attention away from the premium Apple devices. Both Samsung and Amazon also sell their devices at a much cheaper price, an approach that is finally starting to benefit both companies.

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