Google Wallpaper Art extension will make your Chromebook look gorgeous


Life in the tech side can get a little bit repetitive. Sometimes we make things a bit more interesting by switching the wallpaper in our computers, but other times we are way too busy to feel that drive. Google wants to take that load off your back and beautify your wallpaper with an extension that will do all the work for you.

This Chromebook extension goes by the name of Google Wallpaper Art. It is a very simple concept, but it’s one that will improve your mood and get you out of the daily digital routine. This extension takes images from the Google Cultural Institute and┬ámakes them your wallpaper. Images will┬ábe refreshed every single day, so your Chromebook will always feel refreshed and inspiring.


But just what the heck is the Google Cultural Institute? We know many of you have never even heard this department mentioned. The Google Cultural Institute is in charge of digitizing art, images and other content from museum exhibitions. Their goal is to bring high art to the masses and making influential content available to the public, online. By the way, this does include both classic and contemporary art. One day you may be rocking a Monet, while the next you’ll marvel over Banksy’s stencils.

If you happen to find interest in any of these wallpapers, just open the app and find out more information about it, as well as the Google Cultural Institute. This does only work with Chrome OS devices, though. Trying to download it from another operating system will not work.

Download the Google Wallpaper Art extension!

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