Android Wear no longer limited to Bluetooth and WiFi; cellular support on board


Android Wear works amazingly as a secondary device, but these wearables have never been self-sufficient enough. It’s the main reason why options like the Samsung Gear S and Omate TrueSmart were so enticing to some of you; these things can run on their own. But with the release of the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, Google takes things to another level.

This happens to be the first of a new breed of Android Wear products that will need no connection to WiFi or Bluetooth. Just leave your phone at home, because Android Wear can now handle cellular connectivity, which allows it to use data, as well as sending or receiving both calls and texts. Of course, these is aside from all the usual Android Wear features.

Mainly, the Search Giant wants you to know LG’s option won’t be the only one coming.

LG Watch Urbane 2 2nd Edition Hands On -4

Google doesn’t have much else to say about the topic, but this is actually pretty huge news. It’s something we have been begging for, as taking your phone everywhere is not always convenient. I would love to go on┬ámy crazy adventures without having to worry about taking my phone with me, for example. But there are better advantages┬áto this new feature than my silly weekend craze.

Workout clothes happen to be quite limited in terms of pockets and storage. Imagine being able to leave to the gym or take your morning jog without carrying around a bulky phone? These are only a couple scenarios – the point here is that we are really looking forward to seeing these new cellular-connected Android Wear smartwatches taking off. Are you thinking of buying one?

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