Android OS working on iPhone 3G

A couple of weeks ago a hacker called David Wong (A local guy, he lives maybe an hour away) managed to get Google’s Android OS running on an iPhone. The piece of information that went under the radar though, was that it only worked on the iPhone 2G. Now a new video has appeared with an updated Android hack running on the iPhone 3G.

Although boot-up time is slow, and there is no sound, other areas have improved. WiFi is much more reliable, web browsing is available, you can run any app that does not require sound, and multitouch works. Wong has phone calls working, but the person receiving the call won’t be able to hear you yet.

Apparently the initial iPhone 2G Android video got a lot of interest and a few new developers working on the project. More people are needed, however, and in particular someone to focus on optimizing the boot time on the device.

The good news for people wanting to try this on their iPhone is that Wong is planning to release the hack. He signs off the video by saying:

We dont have the code for you to download just quite yet because I still have to package everything up for ease of use.

Keep checking his blog for more information as it may be available to download in just a couple of days.

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