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It’s really amazing how Android has come so far in such a short amount of time.  In just a couple of years Google and it’s Android Mobile Operating System is appearing on more devices that any other Operating System has ever done before in such a short period of time. I received a tip from Matt telling us about the BestBuy Mobile homepage and that spurred me on to write this little post. Take a look at the BestBuy Mobile site and you’ll see that all the featured items in the carousel are Android devices or links to information about Android itself.  Isn’t that amazing?

What do we already know about?  We have Mobile Phones, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, Televisions, Set-top boxes and who knows what else we haven’t heard about yet. I personally can’t wait for the next announcement.

You can purchase your next device from so many places and at so many different prices it’s becoming a crazy task just to find the best deal.  If you find them at the same price then the stores generally offer FREE memory cards or accessories to entice you.

With so many new devices coming out from just about every manufacturer on every network, it’s becoming a hard task to choose.

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