Android Swapped For BB OS 6

Well this is slightly disappointing, but at the same time I really like Blackberry OS 5.0, and any improvements on it would be just gravy. After watching the video on youtube, and being slightly distracted by all the spinning, flashing, and shiny, I’ve realized that they’ve come a long way from OS 4.0. I don’t miss the non-linear text messaging, and the popups on the touch-screen keyboard are very iPhone-esque.

RIM’s Android powered tablet that is expected to debut in 2011 has been mentioned around the Web for quite a while now. Going by the name BlackPad (or PadBerry), the tablet was believed to be equipped with Android after the terrible track record BlackBerry OS had with touchscreen devices.

However, now it looks like RIM believes BlackBerry has perfected their game. Industry analyst Ashok Kumar has mentioned that the upcoming RIM tablet will utilize BlackBerry OS and no, we don’t expect RIM to attach a keyboard to it to compensate for this change. BlackBerry OS 6.0 has come a long way and could very well be the touchscreen friendly platform RIM has been waiting for.

Time will tell, but since Android is now available for so many different architectures, I’m sure that some savvy programmer will port it to the BlackPad, just like the iPhone 3G.

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