ZTE Axon 7 draws closer to Android N, Daydream

You may recall the ZTE Axon 7 from the waves it made this past summer as a midranger that felt like a flagship. The premium-feeling device boasts an agile fingerprint reader, excellent battery life, and surprisingly adept performance for its price range, but we’ve just learned that it’s soon to get even better.

In an interview with Android Authority at CES, ZTE revealed that they are in the process of bringing the Axon 7 closer to Android N. In the next few weeks, the company says they will be rolling out Android N and then Daydream to Axon 7 devices.

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2 weeks ago

The only reason ZTE hasn’t rolled out these updates yet is that they’re still vetting the software updates for bugs and want to make sure that the software update is ready for consumers. ZTE says they are “very close” to making this update formal, a timeframe that they hint will see Android N hitting the Axon 7 by the end of January.

Since VR has certainly gone mainstream over the course of 2016, we’re expecting it to be even more of a big deal during 2017. The Axon 7 offers a targeted and quality VR experience that doesn’t break the bank, so their successful integration of Daydream and Nougat will be excellent news for the midrange market.

What do you think of the Axon 7’s adoption of Android N and Daydream? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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