White box 7″ tablet does Android 2.1 for $130

Although this 7 inch Android tablet kinda looks familiar, it is a new one on our radar; featuring a System-on-Chip from Korean silicon developers Telechips, it’s available for prices in the region of USD130 and according to the reviewers, does a fairly good job of keeping up with the other ‘hundred dollar tablet‘ Jones.

Despite looking for all intents and purposes like just about every other 7 inch iPad clone out there in the wilds of Shenzhen, this guys is in fact another original design that we can add to the ShanzhaiPad catalog. Running Android 2.1 on a decent looking bright 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixel display Android does in fact look good here. Perhaps its received some custom tweaking, or maybe they added a decent looking wallpaper. Either way the GUI looks as crisp and clear as any we’ve our hands on recently.

More pictures and details after the break.


Details are less than crystal regarding the Telechips SoC. although we’re guessing it’s the same 720MHz ARM11 jobbie that’s been seen around in China quite a bit in the last few months. We can see two mini USB ports, an audio out jack and a micro-SD card reader on device, so pretty much standard stuff.

The uni-body chassis is remarkably similar to the 7″ Lanpad we reviewed a few days ago, with the exception of the I/O ports and what appears to be a ventilation hole (I don’t think they know it’s for the speaker) on the reverse side. Performance overall was reported as decent although we should add that some of the apps installed on the device suffered from issues with instability and crashing etc. Probably symptomatic of a not-so-mature OS making its first steps.


It certainly seems to be an impressive tablet offering and one that we’ll endeavor to get our hands on in the next week or so. No word on the manufacturers name or brand. They’re clearly happy to remain a low profile ‘white box‘ provider for now.

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