Android versus iPhone Live Multiplayer Gaming

Shocking as this might sound, there are only a few games in which iPhone and Android users can go at each other in live multiplayer mode. The latest exploiting this vast void is Social Gaming Network, whose Skies of Glory aerial dogfighting title has been ported to Android (2.0 and above) while retaining the ability to communicate with iOS devices over WiFi, 3G or Bluetooth connections. Frankly, we can’t think of a better game to get the cross-platform multiplayer movement going: fAndroids and iPhoneys gunning each other down while talking smack to themselves should prove therapeutic for both parties. On a more serious note, given the tireless growth that both platforms are showing, this kind of thing should hopefully tend toward being the rule rather than the exception. Raging Thunder 2 and Homerun Battle 3D have done the cross-platform dance already. The more the merrier, we say.

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