Viewsonic to Release 7-Inch GSM Tablet this Fall

Further testing the limits of how big you can go and still include voice calling, Viewsonic is poised to jump onto the tablet bandwagon with a 7-inch, GSM-enabled device. We suppose the larger form-factor might work well with a Bluetooth headset, and the screen size would be nice for video calls, though there is no word on a front-facing camera. The device should, however, include either a 3 or 5 megapixel camera on the rear.


Oh, and don’t count this out as just another quickly slopped together tablet running Android 1.6. When Viewsonic’s tablet strikes down in the UK this fall priced between three and four hundred pounds (!) expect it to carry the up-to-date Android 2.2. Of course, by that time Android 2.2 may not even be the latest iteration of the OS.

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