Samsung Patent Hints At Double Sided Tablets

For those of you who are keeping a close eye on the future Samsung devices including the new rumored Samsung Galaxy Tablet, tentatively named the Galaxy Tape or Tab, then keep an even closer eye on them as they are attempting to patent a duel touch sensor device too.

It’s not entirely clear what type of device they want this patent for, but we can tell you that they want the new technology to be able to respond to touch and hand gestures from the front and back of the device.

Samsung submitted the application suggesting that they intend to have a “Mobile terminal having dual touch screen and method of controlling content therein.”

This could potentially mean two things. One being that the front of the device would mimic the back, with mirrored gestures and touches that would activate an action. The other being a little more technical, but something that sounds rather intriguing.

Samsung would use software with the dual-touch hardware, so instead of mimicking the front sensor with the back, the back sensor would act as some sort of modifier that when touched, would activate different actions when using the front sensor.

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