Update your Apad iRobot Firmware

Do you need/want an upgrade for your Apad iRobot? Having a few minor problems that you want fixed? Turns out you’ll be stuck at Android v1.5. Is this a bad thing? Well, not necessarily, at least they are providing updates and fixes, but it’s Rockchip itself that is no longer going to be working on an update to the included software – probably because they have moved on to bigger and better things. Straight off of hiapad.com:

To all Apad iRobot owners,

Regrettably, we are announcing that our Apad iRobot is not upgradable to Android 2.1 or other versions of Android. We know we said that there was an effort to work on an update for July, but that is no longer feasible. In particular, our chipset supplier Rockchip has halted development of Android 2.1 on the RK2808 platform. We are disappointed as well.

We could have kept quiet about this, but we do not want to deceive you and thereby decided to be honest about this.

We still plan to release additional updates for Android 1.5. We believe that the Apad iRobot as a competitive device.

At least, for now, you can follow these instructions and get all the bug fixes. The latest english version is here. Please note this is for the second batch, which comes with a built in camera.

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    all I can say, Apad is rubbish