Martin Cooper: Android is Every Bit as Good as the iPhone

Who is Martin Cooper, you might ask? Why, the father of modern mobile phones, of course! The former vice president and division manager of Motorola led the development team for the first hand-held mobile phone, way way back in the 1970’s. He recently took some time to sit down with CNN and talk about his favorite subject: cell phones. Asking some general questions, the interview doesn’t get interesting (from an Android point of view) until the very end; When he was asked which phone he is currently using – right now it’s the Motorola Droid.

While we are all for convergence, up until this point Cooper had said that “whenever you create a universal device that does all things for all people, it does not do any things well. Our future, I think, is a number of specialist devices that focus on one thing that will improve our lives.” I guess Android finally helped him change his mind.

Cooper also gave away his iPhone to his grandson, and said that Android is actually every bit as good, if not better, than the iPhone. Of course, we agree, but there’s tons of people out there that might question the man’s statement. We are right there with you, Mr. Cooper – and you can’t argue with the guy who made cell phones possible.

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