Toshiba AT200 review

Toshiba AT200

This waif of a tablet certainly took its sweet time getting here. We first laid eyes on this lightweight beauty last August and while it still hasn’t landed in the US just yet (under the guise of the Excite 10 LE) we’ve brought in the international version — already in stores in the UK — to test out the hardware, which appears to be identical. On first appearances, it’s an attractive sliver of a slab, due to the magnesium alloy body, of which there isn’t much. Measuring in at just 7.7mm thick, we’re talking RAZR-scale thinness and a 1.18 pound weigh-in that embarrasses 7-inch devices. Despite this, we still have a 1.2GHz dual-core OMAP processor, running Honeycomb 3.2 on a 10.1 inch touchscreen. But surely, sacrifices must have been made, right? Well, it looks like it’s a financial cost that has to be paid. The 16GB version is currently on sale for £399, matching the new iPad in the UK, and likely to arrive in the US at around $530, pricing itself quite a bit above existing, similarly-specced, Android favorites like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Are you willing to pay a fair chunk of change extra to skim a few millimeters off your tablet profile? Is it worth it? The full story is right after the break.

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