The future, Opera says, is HTML5

Opera product analyst Phillip Gronvold is behind this revelation, and he softened the blow to Adobe by noting Opera will continue to support Flash technology inside its system for the future, as it’s integral to the current “full” Web experience. “Flash does have its purposes, and will have its purposes the same as Silverlight […] especially for dynamic content,” Gronvold noted.

But Flash as a video container doesn’t make much sense, and in the future it’ll be superseded by HTML5 video formats. “You can cook an egg” on devices running Flash video, is the killer comment, echoing many previous pronouncements by Steve Jobs, Flash critics and even Microsoft. This power-hungriness is responsible for slowdowns when accessing Flash content through the browser, for the crashes that Jobs hates so much, and for inefficiencies that make Flash a non-ideal tech for mobile devices.

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