Smrtguard for Android

I use this on my blackberry – instant location information if you lose your phone, as well as the ability to brick it remotely. The Smrt Personal Guardian allows you to hold down a button on your phone for 7 seconds, and it will automatically text or email someone your location and information, or call 911. Remote listen lets your phone call you – wherever you are – and you can hear what’s happening on the other end, or ping it to find out what cushion you left it under.

Data Protection features Over-The-Air Backup, as well as OTA Data Restore and Migration from one smartphone to another. For example, when you replace your BlackBerry with an Android smartphone or vice versa, SmrtGuard migrates your data with ease, with confident. You also get Remote Wipe as well!

Now SmrtGuard Pro users will also receiveĀ SmrtSecurity, which is our new mobile security solution. It features Anti-Spam andĀ Anti-Virus protection. With Anti-Spam you get to block unwanted calls (event private and unknown callers) and unwanted emails. SmrtGuard will also backup the list of blocked phone numbers and emails so when you switch devices, you won’t have to reenter them again. With Anti-Virus, users will be able to setup scheduled scans to detect potential malware on your smartphone.

Most of these features are free! Check them out.

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