T-Mobile will give you a smartphone if you join one of their prepaid plans

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It’s not going to be anything close to a flagship device, of course, but starting this Wednesday, T-Mobile wants to put a phone in your hands free of charge when you sign up for one of their prepaid plans. This offer is valid on the “Un-carrier’s” Simply Prepaid, Simple Choice Prepaid, and Simple Choice No Credit plans.

Well, not technically free of charge. You will have to pay for the device up front, but you’ll get a mail-in rebate up to a $50 value to cover the cost of the device. Yeah, $50: that’s the kind of price-range we’re looking at here for these phones. Still, nothing to sneeze at. If someone walked up and handed you fifty bucks on the street you’d think it was a pretty damn good day.

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What phones specifically are eligible here? T-Mobile wants to give you your pick between a Coolpad Rogue, a ZTE Obsidian, an LG Leon, or a Samsung Core Prime. As icing on the cake, if you go with the Simple Choice No Credit plan and choose to activate a second line, you’ll get an additional mail-in rebate for that one too. Not too shabby.

What do you think of T-Mobile’s prepaid promotion? Worth grabbing up, or something you wouldn’t even consider? Let us know which and why in the comments below!

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