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I’ve had a ton of emails in the past day, and just wanted to address some of your questions.

The items, depending on supply and demand, will be shipping from both Canada and drop shipped from China. Where you get it from will be luck of the draw.

Your payment gets processed by Paypal. Prices are in Canadian Dollars!

I have added the plastic version of the iRobot to the store, in addition to the aluminum version. It costs just under $20 less for the plastic version to manufacture, but I have dropped the price by a further 50% as an introductory sale price.

Like I mentioned in the first post, the first few orders will have some goodies – some will have usb flash drives, some will have micro SD cards, and one lucky person will get a quad band phone included with their order, at no extra charge.

If you want a tablet shipped to you within 3-7 days, we can arrange shipment through DHL for about $10 more than what it costs to ship via EMS, which can take up to 10 business days. Both have tracking numbers and insurance.

Thanks again for the support, I appreciate it!

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