Android Car Deck

Came across this on the forums today – an Android-powered Car Deck. Not sure if it has a resistive screen or not (probably), but if it does I know how bad it will be in direct sunlight.

It has Android 1.6, and runs a 667mhz Samsung CPU, so it should be fairly snappy. No news on the amount of onboard memory, but it does have 1gb of storage – maybe enough for an album or three. The interesting part is where it can ship (as an option) with an FM receiver and transmitter, as well as composite video out and a GPS receiver. The battery should last it 6-8 hours, but it doesn’t actually say if it will come with a car adapter or not.

The parts I would find not so useful on it are the G-sensor and the Wifi – unless you plan on taking it out of the car as well.

Thanks to mrspeedmaster on Android Forums!

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