So what is Froyo?

A beta version of Android 2.2 has apparently surfaced in the wild, and it has some features that Android users will find interesting. The newest update to Android will be available on the Nexus One, and could be rolled out to Verizon phones in May.

I will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible: This version of Android will feature some bug fixes and some much anticipated additions, such as:

Just in time compilation – speed improvements for programs and battery improvements.

Automatic updates – you don’t have to worry about manually downloading updates anymore, meaning developers and users will all be using the same software, lowering support costs and keeping the user experience uniform.

The new linux kernel – security and stability patches, performance increases, an all around bonus for everyone.

FM Radio – for hardware that supports it, it should be rolled out in the next update.

FULL Flash 10.1 support – arguably the most widely talked about feature coming to smartphones this year.

Tighter Integration – Google is working hard to unify all previous versions of Android, and help stem the number of different versions of Android that are currently being used on devices.

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