Skype to Make Approaches to iPad, Android and iPhone

Skype is taking approaches to the latest mobile platform of Microsoft but at the same it focuses on iPad, iPhone, Android, and others.

Dan Neary, Skype’s Asia Pacific vice president, said that the Windows Phone 7 client is on the way, but it is difficult to say when it is available in the market. It was also added the best areas for the company is to develop operating systems that are supported by iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, as well as Android

But it does not mean that Skype is leaping out of its chair in order start the development of Windows Mobile 7. It looks like the VoIP company is bearish on mobile platforms of Microsoft. In February, it intermitted Skype for Windows Mobile 6.5. It was explained by the fact that there was a poor user experience across Windows Mobile devices.

The most interesting is that Skype will be available for the iPad in summer. Moreover, the company is offering a five-way video calling beta used for Windows. It is also expected that Skype will provide support for video-chatting in case it is on board of thee next generation iPhone.

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