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Crikey, remember RealPlayer? Our early memories of the internet’s ‘pioneer days’ are filled with many frustrating encounters with Real Network’s old RealPlayer, with hours upon hours spent installing and then quickly uninstalling the PC app.

Now you can stare at the frustrating blue logo once again, thanks to the arrival of the official RealPlayer Android app – which has just launched on the Android Market tagged as a “beta” version. Here’s the description:

“RealPlayer is the best all-in-one multimedia app for organizing and playing your favorite content on the go.

“Currently available as a free download from the Android Market, RealPlayer makes it easier than ever to watch a video, listen to music, or even view a slideshow of your favorite photos”

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realplayer android app 1 realplayer android app 2

Hmm… that white-text-on-black UI also reminds us of the dark old days of trying to play embedded media online. We doubt we’ll be troubling Real for a download of this. You can read more about it here –

And a few more features in handy bullet-point style:

– RealPlayer supports all of the core Android media codecs and formats including MPEG-4, H.264, MP3 and JPEG.

– Quickly browse or search your personal library with intuitive navigation and simple to use touch-screen menus. You can also rate your music to create a playlist of your favorite songs.

– With RealPlayer for Android you can simultaneously download up to 5 non-DRM protected media files to your phone.

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