March security updates heading to US carrier Galaxy S7s

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Touchwiz-6

T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners may have noticed a small update rolling out to their handsets in the past 24 hours. The patch, which carries build number UVS2APB8, packs in a number of security updates, but doesn’t appear to contain anything else.

The T-Mobile update will be making its way out to consumers between March 17th and March 25th. Rival carrier Verizon has announced that a similar security update will begin rolling out for its versions of the handsets from today. Verizon’s update comes with the build number VRS2APB4 and contains the “most up to date Android security” fixes, so that should be the March patch.

Just yesterday, March security updates also began appearing for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, and Galaxy S5 handsets in Europe. Samsung certainly seems to be taking Android security seriously this year. I imagine that similar updates from other major US carriers will arrive in the coming weeks, and other updates could also begin appearing for global handsets too.

If you haven’t spotted the small update yet, you can always force a manual check through Settings > About device > Download updates manually. Otherwise, it’s best just to sit tight until the OTA update makes its way to you.

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