Logitech’s iPad Pro keyboard case is relatively affordable

Logitech's Create keyboard case for the iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad Pro is pricey even before you add in the $169 official keyboard case, but Logitech may have a way to make the whole package a little more palatable. It’s now shipping its promised Create Keyboard Case for the gigantic tablet, and the add-on will sell for a slightly more frugal $150. It only works at two angles, but you’ll get perks like backlit keys, automatic pairing (thanks to the Smart Connector) and a raft of iOS shortcuts. And if you don’t want to turn your iPad into a makeshift laptop, there’s an $80 Create Protective case that ditches the keyboard in return for a more flexible stand. Either shell is available in black, blue or red, so you’re not stuck with somber colors on your giant slate. Slideshow-340125

Source: Logitech

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