Latest Telegram beta update brings a new video messaging feature

About a week ago, Telegram rolled out an update on Android that brought voice calling features for users in Western Europe. Now it looks like the Telegram team is bringing even more features to the app that allow users to communicate even easier.

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1 week ago

According to Planet Mobile, the latest Telegram beta update (version 3.18.1) for Android brings the ability to send short video messages. Once you install the latest beta version, you can tap the small microphone button to switch to video mode. When the camera icon pops up, just press and hold the icon and a video will begin recording.

Once this video messaging feature makes its way to the stable version of the app, it will certainly be a welcome new addition. It’s worth noting, though, that we’ve so far heard nothing from the Telegram team about this new feature.

If you want to give this new version a shot for yourself, Planet Mobile has an APK file available for download at the source link attached below.

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Western Europe gets voice calling features

March 30: Telegram is now getting new Voice Call features for users in Western Europe, with the promise that it will be added in other parts of the world in the near future. Voice Call in Telegram offers end-to-end safe and encrypted audio chats. The new feature also uses emoji to let users know their Telegram call is safe.

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November 23: Instant View allows users to share links to web pages in Telegram that, when clicked or tapped, immediately show up inside the app. While that’s a helpful feature, the downside is that it only works with Medium and TechCrunch links at the moment, but more support will be added soon. This version 3.14 update also brings a new interface for creating groups and selecting users in privacy settings, along with another new interface for notification settings.

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