iXSOON UMPC-E6010 – $273

A tablet that looks like an oversized phone. I discovered this little one today on Aliexpress, and noted that it sported a built-in 3G connection, although only running on WCDMA/EVDO networks. It has a MarvellĀ  PXA303 CPU, at only 627mhz, which is better than the Eken reviewed in this video, and the Eken tablet was fairly responsive. When you look at the price, however, you would expect there to be some sizable memory onboard, but it comes with 256mb – which, without that Apps2SD support that’s coming, is going to be very cramped. The 5″ screen has a resolution of 800×480, and the battery capacity is actually not bad, at 2500mah, which could potentially get you four hours of video playback. It’s also only running Android 1.5, so I’m not sure at this point if the benefits outweigh the downfalls of this tablet.

Purchase: Aliexpress ($273)

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