French firm eviGroup have just announced that their Wallet Android MID has entered production and should be on sale, for €199 ($264), from May.  Carrypad chased up some details from director Nicolas Ruiz, including how he sees the Wallet facing against the Archos 5 Internet Tablet and what sort of help they’ve had from Google.

Ruiz defines the Wallet as a “professional” MID, versus the Archos device’s multimedia focus.  ”We want to have the same build quality that Archos 5 but we don’t want to be a challenger” he explains, adding that “we will deliver Wallet with a lot of accessories directly in the package.”  A car cradle is one such accessory tipped for inclusion.

The Wallet has a 5-inch resistive touchscreen and is believed to use a Samsung ARM11 processor in a semi-rugged design, but there’s no word on whether €199 gets you integrated 3G.

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Manufacturer: eviGroup

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