Island Delta is an addicting new puzzler from Noodlecake Studios

Looking for the right game to spend your Sunday with? Noodlecake Studios is known for titles like Alto’s Adventure, Wayward Souls, Super Stickman Golf and many others. Today they bring forth another game that will get you lost in a puzzling maze you will have to solve your way out of.

Island Delta tells the story of heroes Zoe and Baxter, who embark on a rescue mission. But their quest won’t be easy with Doctor Gunderson and his machines on the way. This evil adversary has set up a series of puzzles, traps and robots for you to overcome.

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March 23, 2016

Gamers will need to solve puzzles, hack security systems and defeat robots through over 30 levels with the help of a powerful… gravity gun? Not quite the explosive and action-packed weapon you were hoping for, but it does make things interesting. This tool will help you carry any object around, place it where you wish or simply throw it in a ditch.

The game is fun and will keep your brain working at all times. Those who like solving puzzles will have a blast with it, but do keep in mind this is not free to play. This paid app will set you back $2.99. Is it worth it? Check the official trailer to get a better look at the gameplay. Be sure to hit up the comments and tell us if you’re interested!

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