Hands-on with the Dyle-, DTV-capable RCA Mobile TV tablet (video)

RCA’s new Mobile TV Tablet appeared in the flesh here at Pepcom at CES 2013. The 8-inch tablet’s a little weighty, but packs a combination DTV and Dyle TV tuner — an industry first — so we’ll forgive it a little. There’s an 8-inch IPS touchscreen, which, while suitably bright, was coated in fingerprints. It’s not the prettiest tablet we’ve seen but it’s something you’ll have to forgive for all that wireless functionality paired with Android 4.0. There’s also 8GB of built-in storage with microSD expansion and while those TV functions work without data, in the thick signal mess of tonight’s event we couldn’t get the Dyle app running. Take our word for it, it did work prior to filming our hands-on and we were able to watch live TV and hop around channels with ease. The device will arrive in stores this April, priced at $299.

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