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google calendar 5

Earlier this week Google pulled the curtains off the biggest update to the Calendar app in a long while. Now the update is rolling out to users, and the APK file is available for download.

Calendar 5.0 brings lots of visual changes, with the app receiving a complete Material makeover. The iconic action button is present and accounted for, the app uses the Material palette, and the side menu is completely redesigned as well.

Calendar shows you the today view by default, while tapping on the date on the left side displays your “schedule”, comprising upcoming events from the following days. There’s also a 5-day view, which expands to seven days if you run the app on a tablet or on a phone in landscape mode. However, the phone implementation of landscape mode is wonky, as besides the 5-day view, the other modes don’t work in landscape.

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The new Calendar shows images or maps of places where you set your appointments, as well as cute themed graphics that serve as delimiters between months.

If you activate the feature, Calendar 5.0 can also pull reminders from Gmail automatically, for things like plane tickets or dinner reservations. If the event changes (and you receive a new email), the Calendar reminders will update automatically. Reminders that you set by voice in Google Now are also displayed on your agenda.

The update to Calendar 5.0 is rolling out now to all devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher. If you want to skip the line, the updated APK file is available on Gapps Early.

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