Goodbye, Blackberry.

Consider this my two weeks’ notice, RIM – I am jumping ship!

My Storm packed it in the other night, and while using my old Pearl temporarily, I just found that I have had enough. There is always some kind of memory problem (I found that I was constantly restarting them both), and we had to set up the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express on our server at work, just for the two of us that have blackberries – otherwise we would have had no OTA syncing of calendars or emails. Android supports Activesync out of the box, which is what BB should have done from the beginning. Apple got this right, too.

It’s been a great three years, but I’m going to be the proud owner of an Android. The Milestone is a great device, but the speed and memory of the Desire trump it. If the Galaxy S/Vibrant were available, I would be open to trying that too, but it looks like I’m limited by my carrier. Two weeks, and I’ll have made my choice!

I will miss my BBIM, and who knows, BBos 6 may be a game changer, but I think they waited too long.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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