aPad iRobot Performance Review

So I decided to do a benchmark, just for comparison’s sake. A G1, for reference, has a Qualcomm MSM7201A, at 528 MHz. The aPad beats it in every category.

aPad iRobot

Graphics Score: 112.00
CPU Score: 181.51
Memory Score: 150.96
File System Score: 50.64

Eken/iXsoon M001

Graphics score: 59.09
CPU Score: 102.13
Memory score: 105.4
File system score: 18.25


Graphic score: 97.38
CPU score: 122.95
Memory score: 125.7
File system score: 10.52

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  • I don’t understand why a full-on tablet has benchmarks only marginally higher than the G1, which is a bit sluggish, even though it has only a tiny screen to manage. Okay, sure, the tablet “beats the G1 in every category”, but not by a huge margin. I think you intended for these benchmarks to make the aPad look good, but to me they make it look quite bad. The G1 is several years old and, as I said, a bit sluggish. I would expect a brand-new tablet to be several times speedier on the graphics front, not 15 or 20% better.

    Am I missing something? Is there more context required to interpret these benchmarks? How do other Android devices perform on these benchmarks? How about competing tablets?

  • Mike,

    I’m sorry that this benchmark is not what you are looking for. It is simply a comparison of devices, and yes, the middle one is a competing tablet. It’s here to demonstrate that the advertised specs are in fact as good or better than what they are advertised at. The G1 is the only phone I had available, if you have other benchmarks, feel free to submit them. If you look at it in terms of ratio, 122.95/528mhz vs 181.51/600mhz (quoted) is quite different.

    You cannot make the comparison of “a full-on tablet” to the G1, it’s like saying your desktop should be faster than your laptop on the grounds that it is a larger device. It simply does not hold true, and consider the price you usually pay for a phone: $600 against the $100-$200 price point of most of these tablets. You get what you pay for.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Mike

    Hi, Koppit.

    Thanks for clearing that up. I suppose what it comes down to is whether the device performs well. I feel like my G1 is a bit sluggish. It tends to hiccup on 400 kbps video, the browser is fairly slow, and even the interface is a little laggy sometimes. I was disappointed to see a tablet that looked to have similar benchmarks, hoping for more oomph from a device that was focused less on phoning and more on computing. Having used an iPad briefly and been impressed with it, I guess I’m looking to be as wowed by an Android tablet, which is what I will ultimately buy.

    I don’t think of my phone as a $600 device (I paid $30 on contract with Rogers), but of course you’re right that it is.

    If you get any more devices and are able to benchmark them, I think that would be handy. I haven’t seen many Android tablet benchmarks, so I think there’s a good case to be made for publishing more benchmarks.

  • dimas

    I’ve just received my ipad from dealextreme… and i do’t know if is the right one… i’dlike to run the benchmar… what app did you use to test it?

  • Click on AndroidAPK up on the titlebar, then look for the benchmark app I used. Let me know how it works out!

  • eloisa higuit

    hi i haveapad android the thing is .the battery is bonly for an hour y is that tnx…