Gmail users can now receive 50 MB email attachments

Google has revealed that you can now receive 50 MB attachments in Gmail, double the previous 25 MB limit. Google made the announcement yesterday in a short post on its G Suite updates blog.

In the past, Gmail users could receive larger files with the use of Google Drive sharing — something which is still fully supported. However, anything above 25 Mb was blocked on receipt.

Despite the incoming limit increase, however, Gmail’s send limit for attachments remains at 25 MB for the time being. (In case you’re wondering how you can receive a 50 MB file when you can only send a 25 MB file — consider that the sender might be using a different email service that allows larger files.)

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The news arrives soon after reports of another update to the company’s communication efforts, that being “Meet by Google Hangouts,” a new business-focused video calling app which appeared briefly in the iTunes store.

While it’s good to see Google increase the Gmail attachment cap, the number of users who will feel the benefit of this might be few: there can’t be many practical scenarios where a 25 Mb receive limit is too little but 50 Mb is enough, right?

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