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The OnePlus 3 is here. It has excellent specs, a great looking all-metal design, and a very attractive price. But it’s the details that make the difference, so we’re happy to see that the OnePlus 3 comes pre-loaded with a set of beautiful and unique wallpapers designed by Swedish artist Hampus Olsson.

Olsson, who also designed the wallpapers on the OnePlus 2 and the new release of custom ROM project Paranoid Android, has published the Full HD versions of the default OnePlus 3 wallpapers on his website.

More wallpapers designed by Olsson – including 4K versions – are available on the artist’s Abstruct website (if you’re interested in a cool wallpaper app with unique designs, Abstruct is coming soon to the Play Store).

oneplus 3 default wallpapers (4)
oneplus 3 default wallpapers (1)
oneplus 3 default wallpapers (2)
oneplus 3 default wallpapers (3)

We’re embedding a selection of Olsson’s work, to give you a taste of his abstract, colorful art, but make sure to check his website for the full collection. And if you’re looking for default wallpapers from other major smartphones, take a look at the wallpapers section in our forums.

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