Pebble Time Round now available in polished gold and silver

Pebble Time Round silver and gold kickstarter

Pebble’s Time Round is arguably the most attractive smartwatch the company has every made, aside from the new Pebble Time 2, of course. At the moment, the Time Round is available on Pebble’s website in three color options: Silver, Rose Gold and Black. If you like the Time Round but are looking for something a little snazzier, Pebble has some good news for you.

Pebble has just launched the Pebble Time Round Kickstarter Edition in polished Gold and polished Silver color options.

These two new finishes are available exclusively on Kickstarter and will set you back $199 a piece. That’s a $50 premium over the standard model, but the way Pebble describes these new finishes might have you interested:

The round, color e-paper display and marine-grade stainless steel chassis take center stage. It includes luxe detailing like smoked numbering along the jet black decorative bezel, and an ebony, genuine leather band sports matching clasps with quick-release pins so you can easily swap in any 20mm band your ensemble may call for.

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The new Time Round Kickstarter Edition will likely be available on Pebble’s website eventually, but folks who back the project on Kickstarter will get them before everyone else. Also, this model comes with a “Kickstarter Edition” engraving on the back of the device.

Pebble says the watches will begin shipping in September. Interested? Head to the Kickstarter page below for more info.

See it on Kickstarter

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