Dell Streak Coming To US On July 19th?

Are you an American and have a craving for the super-sized Android tablet from Dell? If so, you may be in luck, as rumor-receiver Boy Genius of BGR is reporting that the Dell Streak (a phablet?) is coming to American shores and AT&T on July 19th, which is just five days away.

BG’s post on the matter is rather brief, saying just that he’s hearing from AT&T sources that the Streak is coming July 19th. He then goes onto ask which is better – the Samsung Captivate or the Streak. Remember the Streak isn’t purely just a tablet – although it’s a beast at five-inches, it has the ability to make voice calls, unlike the iPad and the other Android tablets we’ve seen around.

The Dell Streak made it’s appearance back in the UK as a subsided device on carrier O2 some time ago, but it has been oddly absent from it’s home United States. The folks at Dell originally said that it would be sold unlocked for about $500, but rumors of it being sold from carrier AT&T never really died. Though, it has been spotted going through FCC regulatory processes with T-Mobile US and AT&T 3G bands.

In addition to BG’s rumor that the phone/tablet (it was first introduced as a tablet, although I’m seeing more folks refer to it as a phone) is coming on July 19th, some people are reporting that if you call AT&T’s support phone lines and ask about the Dell Streak, they’ll tell you it’s coming on July 19th.

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