Deal Alert: grab a Nexus 7 for $140 today only

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Yugster is currently selling 2nd generation 16GB Nexus 7s for just $139.97, plus $5 shipping, which works out to 44 percent off the tablet’s retail price. However, the offer is only running for a limited time. At the time of writing, there are 17 hours left on the clock.

The only catch, there’s always one I guess, is that the Nexus 7 tablet is marked as Asus Recertified under its condition. This means that the tablet has been returned to the manufacturer from its previous owner and has been certified by Asus’ technicians that it is still functioning as new, or has been fixed up to be as good as new.

Yugster offers a 21 day return policy for defective products, according to its FAQ, and the tablet comes with a 90 day Asus warranty to give you peace of mind.

To sweeten the deal, the retailer is also throwing in a free leather carry case with the Nexus 7. If this seems like a good offer to you, click on the source link below before the timer runs out.

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