Grandmother spends over $6,000 to block Wi-Fi and cellular signals in her house

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The Telegraph has quite the interesting article about a grandmother who has spent over $6000 “Wi-Fi-proofing” her house for supposed health reasons.

According to the grandmother, she hired specialists to apply anti-radiation paint on her house which blocks out Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals. She claims that that signals were causing her headaches and nausea.

“I’ve not been diagnosed by a doctor but my GP surgery is aware of my condition. Every time I am near Wi-Fi or mobile phone signals I feel ill,” she told the Brighton Argus. “It makes it difficult for me to get around and see people. I don’t touch the internet or email – it’s not safe.” – Telegraph

The hired specialists put four layers of “anti-radiation paint” which apparently minimize the signals.

“The painting inside and outside my house is nearly complete. I feel much better now I’m more protected. I have a device which helps me to detect how many wireless signals are near, and I’m reassured that I will not have unwanted WiFi guests coming into my home.” – Telegraph

To this day, there remains no clear evidence of serious health issues from wireless devices and “electromagnetically sensitive.” Although some have equated Wi-Fi to “second hand smoke,” there is no solid scientific evidence showing a significant health hazard.

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