Android 2.1 Takes Second

Two weeks ago, we saw 2.0+ devices sitting at the bottom of the barrel, while 1.6 sat in the middle watching as 1.5 dominated. Things are a bit different this time, however, with Android 2.1 making a significant leap.

While it’s sad that users are still subject to using Android 1.5 on a number of different devices (including the Samsung MomentHTC Hero, Motorola’s MOTOBLUR-enabled devices, etc), we’re equally happy to see that Android 2.1 is making a strong push to take over. They make up for 32.4% of all of the devices that accessed the Android market within the two-week time frame, while 1.6 and 1.5 devices accessed the market 31.6% and 38.0% of the time, respectively.

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