10 Android Tablets the World is Waiting For

This is an informal list, put together by Markus of Androidpads.com. Some of them may never reach the market, and are rumours, while some of them are well on their way. No matter what does happen, we’ll be here to show you where to find them, and for how much.

1. HTC

Quinton Leigh from HTC, responsible for the south african market, confirmed according to phonereport.info that HTC is working on something like a tablet running Android, having 1080p HD video functions and a 5.1 surround audio output. (phonereport.info)

2. Google

Eric E. Schmidt, CEO of Google Inc., told friends at a party in LA about a new device running Android, as the NY Times reported on April 11, 2010. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it is one of the hottest Android tablet rumours out there. (nytimes.com)

3. Asus

Asus chairman Jerry Shen has confirmed a device called ASUS Eee Pad to be presented at the Computex 2010 in early June, according to digitimes.com. After ASUS’ netbook conquest of the last year, this is a pretty promising perspective. (digitimes.com via slashgear.com)

4. Acer

Gianfranco Lanci, Acer’s CEO and president, announced at the company’s Q1 2010 investors’ conference that acer will release some MID’s by the end of May 2010. As Acer has some experience with Android on the Aspire One, rumours emerged, that the Acer MID’s will run Android too. The company did not confirm until now. (yahoo.comelectronista.com)

5. MSI

MSI, Micro-Star International, sales director Sambora Chen sait that MSI will launch a Nvidia Tegra based tablet computer in the second half of 2010 for around 500$ according to digitimes.com. As a MSI tablet running Android was already spotted at the CES 2010, it is expected that the planned tablet device will run Android. (digitimes.com via phandroid.com)

6. Samsung

Philip Newton, the director of Samsung Australia’s IT division, confirmed to apcmag.com that Samsung is working on a tablet device. Another report from enews.co.kr points out that the unofficially called S-Pad could run Android as OS and will be released in August 2010. (apcmag.cometnews.co.kr translated)

7. Toshiba

Jeff Barney, general manager of digital products for the US division of Toshiba, said towards Reuters, that Toshiba will release a set of tablet computers late this year. Among them is a 10-Inch slate that will run Android. (electronista.com)

8. Dell

We are still waiting for Dell’s Mini 5 and wonder why it didn’t hit the Dell shops until now. Meanwhile, news about another Dell tablet, the Nvidia Tegra2 powerded ‘Looking Glass’, a 7-Inch device leaked. (androidpads.comengadget.com)

9. ICD

Innovative Converged Devices presented several promising Android tablet prototypes like the ICD Vega, the ICD Ultra and the ICD Gemini. But until now, none of these devices did hit markets somewhere. Where are they? (androidpads.com)

10. Motorola

Motorola Co-CEO Sanjay Jha said at the Q1 2010 financial results conference, that Motorola is interested in entering the tablet market. As they already launched successfully the Droid smartphone, they have experience with Android and rumours are emerging that also Motorola’s tablet could run this OS. (electronista.com)

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