Amazon axes unlimited cloud storage plan

Amazon has made some serious changes to its Drive service. The online retail giant has killed off the unlimited cloud storage plan, which started at $11.99 per year. You now have to choose between a 100 GB plan for $11.99 per year or a 1 TB plan for $59.99 per year. You have the option of expanding it for an additional 30 TB, which will set you back $59.99 per TB. All those who sign up also get 5 GB of storage for free.

If you currently have the discontinued unlimited storage plan, you can keep using it until it expires. After that, you’ll automatically be billed for the 1 TB plan that costs $$59.99 per year if you have auto-renew turned on and less than 1TB of data stored in your account.

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In case you don’t have auto-renew turned on and have more than 1 TB of data in Amazon Drive, you’ll have to choose one of the new plans on your own within 180 days. If you don’t, Amazon will delete your data in order to get the account within the free storage quota. So if you don’t want to lose any of the images, videos, or other data you have stored, make sure you select a new plan on time.

If you’re a Prime member, the pill should be a little easier to swallow. Storage remains unlimited, but only for photos.

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