Access Brings Graffiti to Android

Graffiti [single-stroke handwriting recognition system] came into being in the classic Palm OS devices, and is now available for Android devices too! Thanks to Access, now you can your Android smartphone will recognize free hand strokes, system-wide.

The app “Graffiti For Android” enables original  Graffiti 1 character recognition on Android. It comes with the original Graffiti strokes and the two-part silkscreen, as well as the Graffiti Help reference. Stroke the text with your finger or stylus, it’s left to you. Available now via Market, the free, OS-wide keyboard alternative comes care of Access, who gained the rights to Graffiti following the Palm / Xerox settlement from way back in 2006.

So, go get the Graffiti for Android v1.02 from the Android Market!

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  • Eddiman

    Does this include special characters for different languages?