Google is making another big move for its YouTube service. The company has announced its plans to launch YouTube TV in the US, an internet-based television service that will offer access to local broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and the CW, along with a bunch of cable networks, for $35 a month. The service will first launch later this year in the largest TV markets in the US, and will expand to more metro areas in the future. See also: YouTube viewers check out over 1 billion hours of videos daily, but has it reached its peak? 3 hours ago In addition to the broadcast networks, YouTube TV will also offer access to over 40 cable channels. They will include entertainment channels like USA, FX, and SyFy, sports networks like ESPN and Fox Sports 1, and news channels like Fox News and MSNBC. The service will also offer access to the YouTube Originals shows that are available for subscribers to its YouTube Red service. YouTube TV will also offer access to the Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus premium channels for an additional fee. One of the big features of the service its its cloud-based DVR. One of the big features of the service its its cloud-based DVR. Google will offer an unlimited amount of cloud storage to save live TV shows, and YouTube TV will also support the recording of as many channels at the same time as you want. Each recording can be saved on the cloud account for up to nine months. The service will support up to six accounts for each paid subscription, and those folks can access up to three concurrent streams at a time. Each account can have its own personal cloud DVR storage, along with its own recommendations for TV shows. While this […]

In November 2015, during BMW’s quarterly conference call, its CEO Harald Krüger said that the company would add support for Google’s Android Auto OS, as well as its main rival, Apple’s CarPlay, in its future vehicles. Well, it looks like BMW has had second thoughts about those plans. In a new interview, a BMW exec has confirmed that it won’t be adding Android Auto support for its cars after all. See also: Android Auto: everything you need to know December 11, 2016 In a chat with TechCrunch during the 2017 Mobile World Congress trade show, Dieter May, BMW’s senior vice president of Digital Services and Business Models, he stated that while Apple CarPlay will continue to be supported, Android Auto will not. The reason May gave is that BMW wanted to be able to control the customer interface inside its upcoming cars, and because of that, the company felt that didn’t include room for an Android Auto screen. BMW is creating its own ConnectedDrive platform, a cloud-based service that will allow its upcoming vehicles to offer features like smartphones apps to its drivers. In fact, May says that the company is excited about working with Google and other companies to integrate their voice-command digital assistants in its cars. However, it has to be disappointing to Google that BMW has made the move not to support Android Auto. It would appear that some car makers are still debating whether or not they should use third-party operating systems in their vehicles, or make their own that can work with a number of different services. At the moment, the future of car technology still looks quite fluid, and it may take a few years before everything shakes out in this industry. Are you disappointed that your next BMW won’t be able to use Android Auto, or […]

As more smartphones begin to support higher resolution displays, we will also see a rise in video and streaming services designed to use those bigger screens. This week, as part of an address during the 2017 Mobile World Congress trade show, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed the service will soon support HDR video streaming for smartphones, starting with the upcoming LG G6. See also: So what’s up with the LG G6’s 18:9 screen? 1 day ago In addition, Netflix will soon roll out new video encodes for mobile devices, which will help folks with poor internet connections watch the shows and movies they love. These new video encodes will allow smartphone owners to stream up to 30 hours of Netflix video per month if their data plan has a small 2GB cap. However, it’s the promise of higher quality HDR video streaming on smartphones that may get many potential owners of the LG G6, and possibly the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, very excited. We have already talked about how the 18:9 ratio display on the LG G6 can support watching original Netflix shows like House of Cards and Stranger Things on the full screen. Now we know they will also benefit from HDR as well. Of course, the downside to those plans is that higher end video streaming features could also generate higher data use. That may be one of the reasons why the big US carriers all finally decided to offer unlimited data plans again for their customers. Also, the price for those kinds of video from Netflix is $11.99 a month, or $2 higher than the standard $9.99 a month fee, which only supports HD video. Will you stream Netflix movies and TV shows with HDR if your smartphone supports it? Let us know in the comments! Next: LG G6 hands-on: […]

Kodak is synonymous with photography but isn’t the first name that come to mind when thinking about Android smartphones. Kodak is hoping to combine the best of both worlds with their first smartphone offering. While the device was announced last October and has been on sale in some European markets since December, this is the first time we got to spend some time with it. We go hands on with the Kodak Ektra! Being a Kodak device, the key element of this phone is definitely  going to be the camera. The 21 MP rear camera supports 4K video and HDR, and come with optical image stabilization. It is instantly obvious that this is a phone meant for all the photography enthusiasts out there, a fact that is made even more evident when looking at the interface of the built-in camera application. The interface is similar to what you’d find with any digital camera, and comes with the ability to easily switch between a variety of modes, including portrait, sport, bokeh, night, and more. There is also a robust manual mode, with granular control over aspects like the focus, ISO, and shutter speed. That said, the aperture cannot be adjusted, with the f/2.0 aperture what it is stuck at. Switching over to the video mode, you do have the ability to shoot at resolutions up to 4K. There is no type of manual control available however, which is a shame, which is definitely something you’d expect to see with a device that touts its camera as its most important feature. Even the design will remind you of a current generation digital shooter, with a cylindrical section at one end to hold on to the device, a leather-like backing that offers a lot of grip, and a dedicated camera shutter button. There is a […]

Sony has released a quartet of Xperia X Android smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. These are designed to tackle both mid-range and premium markets, and will be released this spring. Read more…

After releasing the update for beta testers of the app last week, Microsoft Garage has updated its Arrow Launcher for Android to version 3.0 for everyone, bringing horizontal scrolling and more. Read more…

Porsche Design had another Mobile World Congress revelation besides a limited edition version of Huawei’s Watch 2. The design group has also announced a laptop-tablet convertible and detachable hybrid of its own called Book One, which looks like it was designed to rival Microsoft’s Surface Book. It runs on Windows 10 Pro and is loaded with all the feature’s you’d expect on a Windows hybrid: it has Cortana and facial recognition through Windows Hello. Plus, you can take notes and draw all over the tablet’s touchscreen using Windows Ink. Source: Windows

Android Wear 2.0 is finally here, and with it comes a number of big improvements for the ecosystem. While a number of manufactures have begun to announce new watches that will ship with the new OS later this year, others have been a bit more quiet as to if and when their hardware would be making the jump. Though we have been unsure about the state of Fossil concerning the 2.0 update, the company has just confirmed that all its offerings would be getting the Android Wear 2.0 in mid-March. See also: LG Watch Sport and Watch Style review 5 days ago This comes in response from a question by Twitter user Musytitan (@dancraft98) asking when the popular Q Founder model would be receiving the update. To all of our surprise, Fossil responded stating that all devices would be getting the update in mid-March, which is great news for those who have been rocking Fossil watches on their wrists for some time now. Do you own any Fossil watches? Excited for the update?

One of the most popular indie games for PCs and consoles is coming very soon to mobile devices. Team17 has revealed that its strategy game The Escapists will be released for iOS and Android on Thursday, March 2. See also: Best Strategy RPGs and Tactical RPGs on Android July 14, 2016 The original version of The Escapists was released in early 2015 for Windows and the Xbox One and has since been made available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Mac and Linux.  The game uses an 8-bit graphics style. but its content is very serious. Players control inmates in prisons, with the goal to escape their captivity without being detected by its guards. Team17 says the mobile version will include six prisons for your big escapes. Your inmates can take on a number of jobs inside that let them earn money while they are locked up. The mobile version of the game will also let them craft items so they can create tools for the big breakout, which may also involve prison riots or tunneling under the walls. The mobile version will also include achievements to unlock, along with leaderboards and a virtual d-pad to control the game. The Android version of The Escapists will be available to download from the Google Play Store for $4.99. So far, there’s no word if the mobile version will have any future DLC content. Hopefully sales of the game will be good enough that Team17 will also release The Escapists: The Walking Dead spin-off game for mobile as well sometime down the road.

Epic Games, best known as the creators of the Unreal Tournament and Gears of War franchises, has announced a new title for PC, iOS and Android with cross-platform multiplayer support. The game, Battle Breakers, is a tactical turn-based RPG that’s inspired in part by the colorful Saturday morning TV cartoons of the 1980s. See also: Best free Android games January 1, 2017 Epic says the game will let players choose from hundreds of hero characters, which can be used to form teams full of “ninjas, knights, robots, and talking dinosaurs”.  These teams have to fight off monsters from space that have decided to invade our planet. Heroes can evolve and gain new abilities after each enemy encounter and smash crystals in order to gain more rewards. The game has already soft-launched in the Philippines, and will be released worldwide sometime later this year. You can go ahead and pre-register for Battle Breakers right now in the Google Play Store, and by so doing you will get immediate access to the Dark Beastman hero character when the game launches. You may remember that back in November 2015, Epic’s Chair Entertainment team announced plans to make another mobile game, Spyjinx, in collaboration with Bad Robot, the Hollywood production company founded by famed writer and director J.J. Abrams. There’s been little to no news about Spyjinx since that time. In a new interview at VentureBeat, Donald Mustard, the head of Chair and Epic’s overall creative director, offered a vague update, stating that development on Spyjinx is “going extremely well” and that announcements about the title will be made sometime this year. Knowing how Abrams likes to sometimes keep projects a secret until they are about ready to be launched, we could get a reveal at any time. Pre-register at Google Play

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