ZTE Optik Honeycomb tablet coming to Sprint, Sporting a $99 Price Tag

The ZTE Optik has made an appearance in the latest Sprint Playbook edition, and it’s hitting the tablet market at the right price! Sprint is dropping WiMax support in favor of their LTE network that should be live by June, this will be a 3G-only device. For a 7-inch tablet, the spec’s are not to shabby either.

  • 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 7-inch display
  • microSD card support
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)

Of course with all the higher spec-ed and better featured tablets we just saw at ICS earlier this month, this one won’t be selling like hot cakes for long. But for just $99 it’s a great buy, even if it does come with Android 3.2, but I suspect an Ice Cream Sandwich update is coming soon.


The ZTE Optik will be available online starting February 5th, and in stores on March 11th. So if you’re a bit skeptical, wait until March 11th and head to your nearest Sprint store and give ti a test-drive before you buy it. Of course you can always return it too. Who’s interested? I certainly am and can’t wait to give it a nice thorough test-drive.


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