ZTE Grand Memo, Grand S, LG Optimus L II, Galaxy Note 8 and more get priced in Germany


Germany. The land of poets and thinkers, schnauzers and bratwursts, aspirin, Adolf Hitler and… Claudia Schiffer. And now the land where some of the most highly anticipated Android devices of the early 2013 have been priced.

The goods have been delivered by Notebooksbilliger, Computeruniverse.net and Amazon.de, although none of the following devices are up for grabs just yet. We have a lot to talk about, so let’s dig in.

We’ll start with the ZTE Grand Memo, one of the most controversial devices showcased during MWC. The massive 5.7-incher is priced at €599 and listed as shipping “sometime in Q2” with a Snapdragon 800 processor inside.

Does something smell fishy here? Definitely. ZTE did untangle the Grand Memo mystery by confirming there’ll be multiple versions of the phablet released, including one packing the hot 800 chip. Yet there’s no way that’s going to come out before the S4 Pro and 600 models. Or is there?


Not a great start to today’s pricing saga, but let’s move on. To ZTE’s Grand S, priced at €629. Kind of expensive, but we guessed that much. No shipping date is mentioned, but you should probably expect it by the end of Q2.

Huawei’s Ascend P2 and Ascend Mate are also a tad pricey and also don’t have exact release dates. The former is listed as coming in four weeks+ for €399, while the latter will go for €599 “soon”.

LG’s Optimus L II family is a lot cheaper, with the L3 listed at €99, the L5 at €179 and the L7 at €249. As for Alcatel’s One Touch Idol X, that’s one nasty surprise, being set to go for… wait for it… €699. More expensive than ZTE’s Grand S? Are these guys for real?


Amazon’s German branch helps us wrap up the phone section of our post with an unexpectedly lucrative deal. The HTC One has been discounted before being made available in the first place, from €679 to €599. Nice, really, really nice!

And now some bad news from the two tablets that have captured the spotlight at MWC – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z. Both are way too expensive to be worth your time, at €499 and €599 (the 16 and 32 GB Note 8) and €639 (the 16 GB Tablet Z). So uncool!

Before finishing up, a quick little reminder. These are most likely not the recommended retail price points, so before making a decision give other retailers the shot to woo you with better deals. Or, in other words, if you wait, they will come (the better prices, that is).

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