You can combine AT&T’s Galaxy S8 BOGO offer with a $200 minimum trade-in

The competition for your Galaxy S8 dollar is high — perhaps not quite as high as it is in South Korea right now — but still pretty high. AT&T is now ramping up its current Buy One Give One offer on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, by allowing customers to stack that deal with a $200 minimum trade-in on an old phone.

That means you could walk out the door with two brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S8s for just $549 or two Galaxy S8 Plus’ for $649 — or even less if you’re trading in something decent. The $200 trade-in offer ends on May 31 and the phone you’re trading in will have to meet the requirements of the AT&T Trade-in Program. You’ll also need to sign your new S8 up for an AT&T Next instalment plan or no commitment post paid offer.

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The best thing about this offer is that it’s a minimum $200 trade-in, so as long as the device collecting dust in your desk drawer is valued at $20 or more on AT&T’s bizarre value calculator, you’re guaranteed $200 in credit. This credit can then be used against the price of a new Galaxy S8 or you can pay full price for the phone and use your credit towards accessories.

You can only trade-in one device and you’re under no obligation to partake in the BOGO offer if you’re only after a phone for yourself. If you are looking to pick up two devices though, the usual BOGO requirements stand: customer in good standing, eligible AT&T Next instalment plan, yada yada. If you see a better deal, hit the comments and let us know about it.


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