xScope Browser: The fastest alternative browser for Android?

I wrote a short post about this browser here. I just found a review on it over at AndroidAndMe – looks like they seem to like it, too. I’m working on getting a downloadable link to the browser for use on AndroidAPK.net – I will post my own review soon.

The Android platform has a handful of web browser options in the marketplace. Among these xScope seems to be the least known of the bunch. Don’t let its lack of name recognition fool you, as xScope has features and speed that really set it apart from other offerings.

In the speed department, xScope is a welcome improvement over the stock browser. Page load times were noticeably shorter and in general the browser just feels more responsive at any given time. While it’s page load times are not as fast as Opera Mini, the page rendering is far superior to the way Opera Mini renders sites. The browsers tabbed interface also allows for quick transitions between pages by simply swiping right or left on the tabs toolbar. Closing a tab is just as easy and only requires that you touch on the active tab to close it.

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xScope also allows you to download any file using the browser and even allows you to download and store YouTube clips to your SD card. Downloads are neatly organized in a separate tab that you can bring up at any time from the menu button. Sharing a URL is also very easy, just long press on the URL bar and a pop up window appears allowing you to select Gmail, Facebook, text message, etc.

And if that’s not enough to impress you, xScope has a file explorer that lets you browse, move and delete files on your SD card. A Task Manager that allows you to see running apps and kill an app if necessary is also included. These features definitely go above and beyond the call of duty and aren’t typically related to a web browser.

Final Verdict

Those seeking a speedy browser with excellent pinch to zoom, tabs, accurate rendering and customized skins, need look no further. xScope delivers on so many features, there really is something for everyone here. Recommended buy.

The goods:

  • Speed
  • Does an excellent job at rendering websites and formats text to fit screen after zoom
  • Useful 1 finger implementation of “pin zoom”, as well as traditional pinch to zoom
  • Developer actually replies to emails and is very responsive
  • File manager
  • Download and save YouTube videos

Needs improvement:

  • The name of the app sounds more like mouth wash than it does a browser
  • The page load progress bar is difficult to see (Fixed in latest version)
  • No thumbnails previews of bookmarked pages

Special Notes: The latest version of the browser only supports Android 2.1, so search the Market for their older version that runs on Android 1.5/1.6. A free lite version is also available.

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  • Mike

    Any way to update a Motorla i1 that came with android 1.5 to 2.1? This is a brand new phone so I’m kinda surprised to see it has 1.5?